Portable Mini Refrigerator – Convenience on the Go

Mini fridges are great if you are a student living away from home or if you are a homeowner with limited space or need a little extra refrigerated storage space. Problem with mini refrigerators is that they seem to take care of themselves and then lo and behold, out of the blue, they develop fridge breath. Alternatively they get turned off with the door in the closed position and develop a bad case of mold which can stink to such a degree that when the door is opened you think the fridge has died!

Fear not, a compact fridge can be easily cleaned and made as fresh as the day you got it so long as you follow a few simple steps. First off, it is not necessary to turn off your refrigerator to clean it and if it is off already then that is no matter. What you need to do initially is remove any foods or half empty containers that are likely to be producing a smell, if they are past it ditch them, if they are just whiffy food, fine, no problem put them to one side for the cleaning process. Then remove any shelving for cleaning. With the shelving removed, fill a basin or bucket with some warm soapy water and taking a cloth wipe down the interior of the refrigerator from the top down paying special attention to floor of the refrigerator where any spills, or crumbs of old food may have ended up. mini refrigerator

Once you have given the fridge a good rub down with soapy water give the fridge a wipe down with clean non soapy water, a bit of a rinse away if you like. After you have washed down the fridge take a dry cloth and dry off excess water from the interior of the fridge. Give the shelving a good wash in a sink with soapy water, dry off and reposition in the fridge. At this point your fridge should be clean if you have given it the thorough wash down and free of odor.

Now, a good trick from this point to keep the fridge odor free is to take a lemon, cut it in half and allow half of the lemon to sit in the back of the fridge. The lemon will neutralize any smells over time without tainting any foods you have in there. As time goes by the lemon will dry out, just cut a slice off and put back in the fridge. This will keep your fridge smelling fresh and free of bad breath.

To get the best out of the mini refrigerator try to give it a general clean out every 3-4 months. If you have a manual thermostat try to keep it at about half way so the fridge neither frosts up or doesn’t get warm promoting odor.

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